The Heights
When you had your baby, you envisioned the relationship you’d have... the good times you’d share... the laughter.

Perhaps now you’re frustrated out of your mind and feel like there is nowhere to turn for answers.

If you’ve read other parenting books, you might have noticed that most are good at identifying the problem. That’s not a bad thing, but knowing why your child is acting awful doesn’t necessarily help you fix it.

With the book Parenting From the Heights, you’ll discover instead... the solution.

This easy-read was written for busy parents who need answers NOW. We’ll take you through subjects like:

    -The three character traits your child must have to be successful in life (and exactly how to foster them)

    -How you may be sabotaging your directives with a one-word mistake

    -How to take the consequences you probably already use and make them exponentially more effective

    -What to do with your voice to get your child’s attention (and remain perfectly calm)

    -Ways to end bedtime AND dinnertime battles

    -And so, so much more!

Parenting From the Heights has helped parents just like you find solutions to the worst behavior problems. You won’t have to wade through technical jargon, be told, “Don’t worry-- it’s normal!” or get done reading the book only to wonder what in the world you do next.

This super-practical handbook is written by two mothers of strong-willed children. The techniques work. While other books identify the problem, this one identifies the solution.

Don’t spend another day trying to survive the tantrums, disrespect, and defiance that assaults the peace in your home. Take the high road and get results. Parent from the Heights. We’ll show you how.




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